EduVantage Dashboard

Time is your most precious resource. Learn how to use the data you already collect to quickly prioritize your daily activities to focus your time and resources for maximum effectiveness.

Eduvant Dashboard
The EduVantage Dashboard provides you and your team with the information and insights needed to make daily progress towards educational and operational goals – without any additional burden on Research and IT staffs. In addition, you will gain:

  • Insights into what’s going well and what needs your attention.
  • Timely status against operational & financial targets to help set priorities.
  • Higher average attendance by identifying chronic problems & recognizing student-specific patterns to then address root cause.
  • More effective and timely student-specific plans by providing teachers, counselors, and other school staff the actionable insight gained from correlating attendance, behavior and achievement data.
  • Better cross-functional coordination and collaboration since teams can easily share and discuss the data insights.
  • Reduced prep time for staff meetings, planning sessions, and 1:1 consultations allowing education service providers to focus on instruction & learning enablement.

EduVantage Insights act as a savvy assistant that knows what’s important to effectively manage a school to produce great student outcomes.

Insights considers all the results from the daily analysis, prioritizes based on educational research and best practice studies, and provides you with the basis of a ‘task list’ that highlights:

  • Where there’s been the greatest improvement (maybe kudos or some other recognition is needed?)
  • Areas at risk of being out of compliance with school, district, state or federal guidelines (funding may be dependent on these metrics!) and helps you take the next action.

Student Behavior
Easily see the range of performance across the schools within the district… and how your school compares.

  • Detentions
  • Referrals
  • Suspensions

Absences Rates Drill DownAbsences Trend
Principals and Administrators can see how attendance is tracking at the school or district level

  • Total Absences
  • Absentee Rate
  • Chronic Absences
And can drill down to the group level
And to the individual where often patterns will quickly emerge.

In this example, most absences occur on Fridays for this student.

The Absentee data can also be visualized

  • Over time to spot patterns
  • By subgroups such as ethnicity, gender, and grade.

Student Drill Down
Drill down to get a more comprehensive view of this student’s performance and to determine and then take corrective action e.g. contact guardian or assemble all the teachers.

  • Teachers who interact with a student
  • Patterns of absences
  • YTD behavior issues
  • Achievements and benchmarks

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