Principals typically spend only 2 minutes/day on data. School administrators may spend hours, even days, preparing data for routine meetings.

  • EduVantage Dashboards spotlight daily the areas that most need your attention and help you take focused action.
  • EduVantage Presenter creates on-demand the presentations you need to share your insights with others.
  • EduVantage Platform manages the data, the analysis tools, and the system integrations that support these applications and other custom modules you may wish to create.

Any school district with forward thinking leadership can adopt Eduvant to enable better decision-making and action planning. EduVantage Solutions generate relevant, timely analysis from the data you already collect and enables you to present actionable insights to school staff in a timely manner.

  • Daily dashboards, tailored to the specific needs of administrators, teachers, and counselors, provide the visibility into status, trends, and causations that enable proactive action.
  • Presentation tools provide analysis in meeting-ready formats, like PowerPoint.
  • Get up and running in weeks, not months, after integrating with your data sources.
  • Subscription licensing offers a low entry cost; annual contract lengths fit your budgeting cycle.
  • SaaS delivery model offers secure access—24 hours a day.
  • IT staff is minimally impacted because data integration, upgrades, and maintenance are included.
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