Most schools are data rich but insight poor. Eduvant combines the data from your systems of record and creates views that provide insights that no one system can offer.

Insights alone do not produce changes in process or behavior. District and school staffs benefit from learning to bring data into meetings, to share data with colleagues from other functions, and to find trends and patterns that show opportunities for more targeted, effective actions.

Eduvant partners today with a host of regional consultants offering change management services that help your team accelerate their data fluency and modify their behaviors to build a strong data culture.

Check out our resource library for the latest research and best practices:

Getting Started

How do users take advantage of these data insights?

  • Users typically require little to no training in order to use and gain insight from EduVantage solutions.
  • Implementation services take a “train-the-trainer” approach to enable your core team to support district-wide usage. Web-based training is then available on topics like these to assist in introducing new users to the solutions.
    • How to use the Dashboard
    • How to create slides containing the Dashboard reports
    • How to export data for further analysis

What will the IT department have to help with?

  • Integration With Data Sources
    • The Eduvant team will require certain access to enable data integration.
    • Your IT department will need to provide raw data extracts or access credentials for existing systems of record information so Eduvant can automatically extract relevant data for you. We provide a simple questionnaire to collect data file locations and access information.
  • Customer Support
    • Eduvant enables your core team to support your district-wide users for all standard operations.
    • For issues that you may need help with, the Eduvant Help Desk is available:
      • 24×7 by email
      • 8am to 6pm Central by phone
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