Compliance means increased resources available to your organization.

The Eduvant Compliance Dashboard helps states, districts, and charter management organizations ensure they are compliant with federal and state laws. Increased compliance results in more funding available and greater organization across state, regional, and local education agencies.

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The Eduvant Compliance Dashboard offers an automated, consistent view of where your organization is in compliance with state and federal mandates, and where it is not.
  • Automation of data gathering and analysis for you, freeing up precious resources within your organization.
  • Identification of districts and schools needing additional supports and in what specific areas those supports are needed.
  • Efforts are freed up to work with those districts and schools in need, rather than being placed simply on gathering the right data and reporting.
  • Reduced prep time for reporting cycles, planning sessions, and staff meetings, allowing greater focus on instruction & learning enablement.

Getting Started

How does it work?

The Eduvant Compliance Dashboard works like this:

    1. We start by integrating with your state compliance data systems, compiling necessary student, school, and organizational data. This cumbersome work is automated and systematized for you, updating information at a frequency that meets your needs.
    2. Next comes our analysis. Your compliance status, based on the latest state and federal mandates, is calculated and automatically represented in an easy to understand, web-based dashboard that highlights areas in need of improvement.
    3. Lastly, you receive research-based guidance as to what your organization can do to resolve areas out of compliance.

On what areas of compliance do you focus? 

Current areas of focus include:

  • Instruction and achievement
  • Student transition
  • Access to the general curriculum
  • Discipline
  • Identification
  • Early childhood
  • Parents
  • Finance
  • Grants

We are interested.  What do we do now?

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